Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day 10 - Australia Zoo

We headed up North to Australia Zoo early in the morning. We reached the Sunshine Coast and the weather was really hot! The zoo was amazing, we saw so many cool animals... crocodiles, wombats, snakes, koalas, dingoes and lots of water dragons just roaming through the zoo. After looking at a few animals, we went to the croc show. Bindi Irwin was there and she and some of the zoo keepers showed us how they feed the huge crocodile! There were also lots of amazing birds including a huge condor! We had a yummy lunch up high in the tree area then went and looked at more animals. There was a cool bird avary with lots of native birds, kangaroos that the kids got to pat and koalas that could be patted too. We saw tiger cubs playing with the keepers, lemurs, red pandas, tortoises, giraffes, zebras and rhinos. After lots of walking we caught the zoo train back to the ice cream shop and them took our 'treasure map' to the counter to get our prize for finding all the clues! It was a fabulous day and a long drive back to Brisbane but so much fun! 

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