Friday, 30 September 2016

Day 8 - Southbank

It was Hamish's birthday!! We opened a few prezzies in the morning and enjoyed a bacon and egg breakfast together. We then headed for Southbank where we had some lunch. Riley and Jensen remembered it was where an Ibis stole Ella's pizza last time we were there! The kids played on the new playground and then had a swim in the water area. We had ice creams on the grass and then got a cake for Hamish on the way back. We asked Stella over and all sang 'happy birthday' then enjoyed cake together. A babysitter came and the adults headed for town to have a nice meal together. We had 5 yummy courses at a place called Torba and then went to a club for a few drinks. 

Day 7 - Sea World and heading to Brisbane

We got up early and headed to the Estuary for a last swim. The river was very high but we had a quick dip anyway. We then started packing up our apartment ready to go :( We were all very sad to leave but Jensen was really upset and even cried!! We then headed for Sea World again for a last couple of rides on the Storm Coaster, the line was really short so we had 2 goes in a row. We then went and saw a few cool things we hadn't seen like the mermaids, the oceans of the deep exhibit and the penguins. The penguins were so playful we watched them chase each other, build nests and steal stones from other nests for ages. Next we drove to Movie World hoping for one last ride on Scooby Doo and it was open!!! We enjoyed that and then got on the road to see Hamish, Emily, Ella and Max. It was so cool to see them and we enjoyed catching up and enjoying a nice meal together. 

Day 6 - Movie World (again)

We decided we wanted to go back to Movie World for a second time. After a quick trip to the Estuary for the kids and the supermarket for me, we got going. It was very busy at Movie World, we went straight to Justice League and enjoyed doing that together. Next we went to the Scooby Doo ride but it was 105 minute wait!! We then went to Wild Rapid Ride and enjoyed that. We got a few gifts for friends then had a look at Arkham Asylum, it looked way too scary!! Sadly the Scooby Doo ride was closed when we went back so we headed for home. Riley and I went out to see Riley's friend Alex who was staying in an apartment down the road, Riley had a swim there and we enjoyed a yummy BBQ with them in their cool penthouse!! Rich and Jensen had one last night of sushi!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 5 - Surfers Paradise (Jensen)

In the morning we went for a walk through town and then we walked down to the beach. The beach was amazing because the sand squeaks when you walk on it and it is soft and yellowy! We paddled our feet as we walked and I had fun because the waves kept coming out at me. When we got back we had some lunch and then Daddy got back from the golf course. We went back to town and went Ten Pin Bowling, it was fun because we had to roll the heavy ball and knock down the pins. Daddy's was the heaviest because it had 11 on it. I got 71 pins down, Mummy was the winner because she got 122 pins! I got 3rd. Then we got a yummy ice cream in a cup! Me and Mummy went to the pool and spa and I dived off the steps really far and I could swim back by myself. Riley and Daddy went to the beach with the boogie boards but it was really rough so they came back and had a swim in the pool and spa with me. Then we went to Sushi Train I got plates off the train and Riley got the kids train. I liked the prawn ones best!! I asked the lady what my toy sushi was that I got last night and she said it was a squid on rice.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 4 - Wet'n'Wild (Riley)

Today I woke up with a swollen red face, we went to the chemist to get some Antihistamines as we think it is from the sun cream I was using! From there we went to Sea World to find my turtle that I had really wanted yesterday but the shop had closed. We lined up for a while and then raced straight to the shop, it was still there!! I called it Turquoise because of its eyes. We then drove to Wet'n'Wild where we split up and I went to the wave pool with Daddy. Jensen and Mummy stayed in the junior area with pools, wet playground and mini rides. We then went to Kamakazi which was awesome and very fast! After some lunch Mummy and I went to line up for the Constrictor which took 50 minutes!! It was awesome but we got very wet!! Daddy and Jensen went in the Lazy River. Lastly Daddy and I went to the River Rapids, it was fun and fast!! Jensen and Mummy did the Lazy River again and played in the sand. We then headed home, had tea at our favourite place again Sushi Train and then a quick spa and swim in the pool before bed.

Day 3 - Sea World

We drove to Sea World and headed straight for the Storm Coaster unfortunately Jensen couldn't get on even though he was 110cm!! He was very upset but we thought we would try again later!! We then went to the Log Ride which was fun too!! We went to an amazing dolphin show and saw the dolphins doing heaps of tricks!! Luckily there was a different person at the Storm Coaster ride when we went back passed and he let Jensen on, Jensen loved it!! After that we meet up with Hamish and Em and enjoyed having lunch with our cousins Max and Ella. Emilia and I took the little kids and went on the TMNT ride and the junior roller coaster. Rich, Hamish and Riley went on the Jet Rescue ride which they loved. We then all went a had a go on the games where we won some soft toys. After that we went and patted the stingray and went to the amazing aquarium where we saw sharks, turtles and masses of different fish. We then went to Castaway Bay and the kids played in the huge climbing fort, unfortunately Jensen came out a different entrance and got lost but we soon found him after a few tears!! Then it was time for one last Storm Coaster ride for Rich, Riley and Hamish. We said goodbye to the cousins and headed for home!! Another yummy night of Sushi Train and then straight to bed phew!!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 2 - Movie World (Jensen)

We got up early and went down for a paddle in the river, it was fun! Then we drove to Movie World our first ride was Scooby Doo because I was too small to go on it last time. This time I was big enough, I was happy and excited! On the Scooby Doo ride there were lots of turning bits and big dips, the biggest one was a backwards dip, I was scared and thought I would fall backwards. At the end of the ride I wanted to go on it again! Other rides we went on were Wild West Falls, we got really wet! The Road Runner Roller Coaster which was so scary because we almost went backwards and upside down! And kids Batwing Spaceshot which was so fun because we went up really high and then went up and down! We also went to Stunt Car Show, it was cool because Riley was dancing on the TV and I waved my hat for the fast cars. We went a 4D movie, it was funny because Wilie Coyote kept getting run over by cars and our seats moved and sprayed water at us! Daddy went on Superman and Green Lantern. Riley and Mummy went on Batwing Slingshot and Riley and Daddy went on the Doomsday ride. We loved the Scooby Doo ride most and didn't leave until after 5 o'clock closing! What an amazing day!! We had Sushi Train for tea, Riley and I had a kids train meal which was really yummy and it even came with a yummy jelly.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 1 - Travel (Riley)

We woke up at 1.30am and drove to Wellington Airport. It was a long dark drive, Jensen and I were so excited that we didn't sleep.  We had a good breakfast in Wellington Airport and meet Kyson who was going to Melbourne for The Slime Fest. At 6am our plane took off in the rain and fog. Once we flew above the clouds we saw the beautiful sunrise. The flight took only 3 1/2 short hours and was nice and smooth. We could see the GC and Brisbane city as we flew in, when the wheels touched down Jensen yelled 'We're in Australia!!'. We picked up our rental car and drove to Manly Park, we meet Ella, Max and Uncle Hamish, it was awesome to see them!! We played in the playground, had some yummy lunch and then enjoyed the whale fountains. After that we drove to our apartment Bay Lodge, which is awesome. It has a pool and spa and is nice and close to town and the beach. We went for a walk to the beach, Jensen got really wet!! Then we had Sushi Train, Subway and Noodle Box for dinner. We had a quick night swim and spa before bed. What a great day!!