Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 2 - Movie World (Jensen)

We got up early and went down for a paddle in the river, it was fun! Then we drove to Movie World our first ride was Scooby Doo because I was too small to go on it last time. This time I was big enough, I was happy and excited! On the Scooby Doo ride there were lots of turning bits and big dips, the biggest one was a backwards dip, I was scared and thought I would fall backwards. At the end of the ride I wanted to go on it again! Other rides we went on were Wild West Falls, we got really wet! The Road Runner Roller Coaster which was so scary because we almost went backwards and upside down! And kids Batwing Spaceshot which was so fun because we went up really high and then went up and down! We also went to Stunt Car Show, it was cool because Riley was dancing on the TV and I waved my hat for the fast cars. We went a 4D movie, it was funny because Wilie Coyote kept getting run over by cars and our seats moved and sprayed water at us! Daddy went on Superman and Green Lantern. Riley and Mummy went on Batwing Slingshot and Riley and Daddy went on the Doomsday ride. We loved the Scooby Doo ride most and didn't leave until after 5 o'clock closing! What an amazing day!! We had Sushi Train for tea, Riley and I had a kids train meal which was really yummy and it even came with a yummy jelly.

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