Friday, 23 September 2016

Day 1 - Travel (Riley)

We woke up at 1.30am and drove to Wellington Airport. It was a long dark drive, Jensen and I were so excited that we didn't sleep.  We had a good breakfast in Wellington Airport and meet Kyson who was going to Melbourne for The Slime Fest. At 6am our plane took off in the rain and fog. Once we flew above the clouds we saw the beautiful sunrise. The flight took only 3 1/2 short hours and was nice and smooth. We could see the GC and Brisbane city as we flew in, when the wheels touched down Jensen yelled 'We're in Australia!!'. We picked up our rental car and drove to Manly Park, we meet Ella, Max and Uncle Hamish, it was awesome to see them!! We played in the playground, had some yummy lunch and then enjoyed the whale fountains. After that we drove to our apartment Bay Lodge, which is awesome. It has a pool and spa and is nice and close to town and the beach. We went for a walk to the beach, Jensen got really wet!! Then we had Sushi Train, Subway and Noodle Box for dinner. We had a quick night swim and spa before bed. What a great day!!

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