Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 5 - Surfers Paradise (Jensen)

In the morning we went for a walk through town and then we walked down to the beach. The beach was amazing because the sand squeaks when you walk on it and it is soft and yellowy! We paddled our feet as we walked and I had fun because the waves kept coming out at me. When we got back we had some lunch and then Daddy got back from the golf course. We went back to town and went Ten Pin Bowling, it was fun because we had to roll the heavy ball and knock down the pins. Daddy's was the heaviest because it had 11 on it. I got 71 pins down, Mummy was the winner because she got 122 pins! I got 3rd. Then we got a yummy ice cream in a cup! Me and Mummy went to the pool and spa and I dived off the steps really far and I could swim back by myself. Riley and Daddy went to the beach with the boogie boards but it was really rough so they came back and had a swim in the pool and spa with me. Then we went to Sushi Train I got plates off the train and Riley got the kids train. I liked the prawn ones best!! I asked the lady what my toy sushi was that I got last night and she said it was a squid on rice.

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