Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 4 - Wet'n'Wild (Riley)

Today I woke up with a swollen red face, we went to the chemist to get some Antihistamines as we think it is from the sun cream I was using! From there we went to Sea World to find my turtle that I had really wanted yesterday but the shop had closed. We lined up for a while and then raced straight to the shop, it was still there!! I called it Turquoise because of its eyes. We then drove to Wet'n'Wild where we split up and I went to the wave pool with Daddy. Jensen and Mummy stayed in the junior area with pools, wet playground and mini rides. We then went to Kamakazi which was awesome and very fast! After some lunch Mummy and I went to line up for the Constrictor which took 50 minutes!! It was awesome but we got very wet!! Daddy and Jensen went in the Lazy River. Lastly Daddy and I went to the River Rapids, it was fun and fast!! Jensen and Mummy did the Lazy River again and played in the sand. We then headed home, had tea at our favourite place again Sushi Train and then a quick spa and swim in the pool before bed.

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