Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 3 - Sea World

We drove to Sea World and headed straight for the Storm Coaster unfortunately Jensen couldn't get on even though he was 110cm!! He was very upset but we thought we would try again later!! We then went to the Log Ride which was fun too!! We went to an amazing dolphin show and saw the dolphins doing heaps of tricks!! Luckily there was a different person at the Storm Coaster ride when we went back passed and he let Jensen on, Jensen loved it!! After that we meet up with Hamish and Em and enjoyed having lunch with our cousins Max and Ella. Emilia and I took the little kids and went on the TMNT ride and the junior roller coaster. Rich, Hamish and Riley went on the Jet Rescue ride which they loved. We then all went a had a go on the games where we won some soft toys. After that we went and patted the stingray and went to the amazing aquarium where we saw sharks, turtles and masses of different fish. We then went to Castaway Bay and the kids played in the huge climbing fort, unfortunately Jensen came out a different entrance and got lost but we soon found him after a few tears!! Then it was time for one last Storm Coaster ride for Rich, Riley and Hamish. We said goodbye to the cousins and headed for home!! Another yummy night of Sushi Train and then straight to bed phew!!

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